5 pound Chihuahua next to my Shih Tzu Sapphire.

All my Shih Tzu are 5 to 9 pounds.






Imperial Shih Tzu Myth 

"teacup" "imperial" "mini"


These terms are simply a marketing gimmick. Any breeder using the terms teacup or imperial, is just giving you a sales pitch in an attempt to make a higher profit. Many times these puppies will grow into a much larger size shih tzu.

AKC will not register any shih tzu as "imperial" "teacup" or "mini" those are just a made up marketing gimmick in an attempt to make a higher profit.

Shih Tzu size is not determined by birth weight, or puppy size, it is determined by inherited genes. Many times a very small puppy will grow into a larger adult.  That means the "imperial" or smaller size puppy, if you pay more for it, is no longer an "imperial", you pay extra for nothing, it is a gimmick, a sales pitch, a marketing scam. 

We do get smaller than standard size shih tzu. 

Our puppy prices are never based on size or on projected size.

Responsible breeders show to a Championship, they participate in Obedience and OFA Health Test.  There are many breeders that put in the effort, time and money to breed responsibly. Responsible breeders do not breed only to produce the smallest size possible, to market as imperials to sell for more profit.

Responsible breeders do not sell puppies  "by the pound"



Of course some shih tzu will be a pound or two under standard as well as a pound or two over standard.   A 5 or 6 pound shih tzu is not "rare" or some kind of new breed.


 Remember AKC will not recognize the terms "imperial" "teacup" or "mini" those are just names people make up, they mean nothing.


 Because a shih tzu is such a sturdy  toy breed, a small size shih tzu that is well bred, carries good weight and substance, is very small in actual overall size.  A stocky, sturdy 8 pound shih tzu is comparable in size to a lighter, slender 6 pound chihuahua, or 6 pound yorkie, or 6 pound maltese in a side by side comparison.


Weight will vary, an active picky eater will weigh less then a sedentary overeater the same size.

A stocky, chubby shih tzu will weigh more then a slender, thinner shih tzu even though they are both the same overall size. 

  A small shih tzu is not some new breed and it is not rare, it is just a small shih tzu.

 Check with us, we just might have the puppy for you.  We do not charge more for small size, we do not sell puppies "by the pound"