Health Testing

A gimmick? Or Valuable?

Because of our Health Testing to OFA Standards and our responsible breeding program we are able to offer a Lifetime Guarantee to our buyers.

Just what is health testing?  If you ask a breeder if their breeding shih tzu are Health Tested, and the breeder replies "Sure, my Vet checked them out"  Well that is another "gimmick"  A simple office visit with a Vet is not Health Testing.   

Health testing is testing to certain standards, there is a detailed exam a Vet must do and  then the Vet will sign the documents from OFA, attesting to their completing the exam in the manner that OFA requires.

Shih tzu are a toy breed, toy breeds are vulnerable to Luxating Patellas, a crippling condition which can require surgery, cost starting at $2,000.

My breeding shih tzu are cleared to OFA standards for Luxating Patella, with the supporting documentation.

In my opinion any dog used for breeding should be cleared of Congenital Cardiac conditions.

My breeding shih tzu are cleared to OFA standards for Congenital Cardiac conditions with the supporting documentation.

Each puppy we place is seen by a Licensed Veterinarian and vaccinated before delivery.  This is so you can be assured your puppy is in good health.

We also have a written Lifetime Guarantee with each puppy we place.