Our Shih Tzu are members of our family and go everywhere with us they are allowed.  Our well mannered shih tzu take turns going to Petsmart, HomeDepot, Bookmans, Outdoor Cafes and of course parks and nature trails.


 " I love to explore the trails"






 "Can you see me in the flowers ?"



Someone is usually sitting with

me at the computer.






      "I'll keep score for you "



 " Don't I look pretty ?




 "Lets go shopping mom!"



 "Throw this one next !"



 "Bring me some of

that roast please " 



 "Don't touch my remote I am watching animal planet"




 "I picked out a cool

zebra tote bag"     





 "Lets look at shih tzu websites"




 "Lets go, I wanna show off

my new teddy bear hair cut!"          



 "We love to hang out on the Patio, especially if there is a Bar-B-Q  on !




Sterling "I fit perfect in        

mom's favorite bag !"        



Sterling "I like going to Home 

Depot with the guys "




" I like going with the guys

to Home Depot too !!"   




    "We love to ride in our

    doggie stroller, all zipped in, ready to go ! 






"Take us to the toys !  




" We like to pick out our toys at PetsMart. "