Champion Lines

Another marketing gimmick ?

Just what do "Champion Lines" mean?  Well, nothing really.  One or two Champions  2 or 3 or 5 generations back in a pet filled pedigree do not mean anything. 

Even two Champions can produce a litter of only pet quality puppies. 

Anyone who claims their puppies are show quality  because they are "registered" or have "Champion lines" are just using a sales pitch.

I did not have my first litter of shih tzu puppies until after I had shown a shih tzu to a Championship myself.

Some of the puppies we place are Champion sired, but that will not mean they are show quality.

There is a difference in a shih tzu that meets the breed standard, and a shih tzu that is show quality.

A shih tzu that meets the breed standard, looks like a shih tzu, nice round head, flat face, and the outline looks like a shih tzu. You can tell at a glance, yes that is a shih tzu, it has breed type. This is not the same thing as show quality.

All dogs have flaws, but a show quality dog must have that something special, a look that is desired in the show ring.  That look can change from year to year, season to season, judge to judge.  The grooming required to show a coated breed is extensive, time consuming and a skill that must be learned.

There are two main registries that put on shows in the USA.

AKC established in 1884: For shih tzu a lot of emphasis is put on grooming and professional handlers.

UKC established in 1898: No artificial grooming allowed at all, no professional handlers allowed at all.

We participate in both AKC and UKC sponsered activities.

If you are looking for a show quality shih tzu to take into the show ring, you will need to find a breeder/mentor that is showing, breeding and producing Champions from their own breedings. I will not be able to assist you, I do not place puppies as show prospects.